Peter Lowy David Simon Robert Taubman

If you know anything about the nation's upscale retail malls, you may have heard of Peter Lowy, David Simon, and Robert Taubman. If you do not, these three men may be a mystery to you.

That is a pity, as the story of Peter Lowy, David Simon, and Robert Taubman is quite interesting.

Who are Peter Lowy, David Simon, and Robert Taubman? -- These three men are some of the most important people in retail real estate in the 21st century, as they are heirs to some of the largest mall empires in America.

Robert Taubman, however, is the main character here as he is the person Lowy and Simon are interested in due to their efforts to take over his mall empire.

All three men are also second-generation corporate leaders. Sons of fathers who were driven to succeed, and succeed they did.

Why are they in the news at the moment? -- David Simon first came to the notice of the news media in this recent instance when he made a hostile bid for the properties of Robert Taubman. One of them is the prestigious Beverly Center in Los Angeles.

Taubman, however, has other ideas and has determined he will do everything he can to make sure Simon is not able to complete the takeover.

Australian business man Peter Lowy joined the frey, but on the side of David Simon. Both men are now working together to try to get Taubman properties out of the hands of Robert Taubman and his family.

What is Robert Taubman doing about it? -- Taubman, however, is not willing to let the family properties go so easily, and has been able to get a Republican-sponsored bill to be debate in the Michigan House of Representatives which, if it passes, will stop Lowy and Simon's takeover plans. Learn more about Peter Lowy David Simon Robert Taubman come visit us at our site.